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Normal Service Has Resumed

Posted By Rodger On July 18, 2010 @ 4:58 pm In Site News | No Comments

As John mentioned in his post of April 22nd, 2010, there have been some changes. My name is Rodger and I've taken over the site. Perhaps taken over is a bit aggressive. John asked me to take it over, I said OK and, with John and DT's help, moved it to the server I use for my other sites.

I'm the fellow who does work at SF Site [1]. My title there is Publisher/Managing Editor but only because it looks good on the letterhead. I also work on a handful of other sites like those for Charles de Lint [2] and Stephen Jones [3].

I first met Tim Powers back in 1984. I was a co-chair of the World Fantasy Convention held in my home town. It had been a hectic weekend. For example, The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub had just been released and just about everyone wanted to get their book signed and spend a moment with the authors. Both of them were gracious in wanting to accommodate everybody.

On Sunday after the banquet, the planned events were wrapping up and I had just left the head table and undid my tie when I was approached by Tim and James Blaylock who stopped me to introduce themselves. I just about swooned. Two of my then and still favourite authors were in town. They thanked me for the grand time they were having and gave me a copy of Offering The Bicentennial Edition of The Complete Twelve Hours of the Night [4].

I've been re-introduced to Tim Powers many times since. I still buy all of his books and read them immediately and read them again some time later. I'm still a fan and he is still one of my favourite authors. I only hope I can keep up the quality of information and detail that John has gathered and posted. If not, I imagine he'll let me know.

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