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Jan 08 News Round-Up

Posted By John On January 6, 2008 @ 10:08 pm In Limited Editions,New Editions,On Stranger Tides,Powers News,Three Days To Never | No Comments

Happy New Year to all (I always wonder how far into January we can keep wishing each other that!). There's not a great deal of Powers related news around at the moment, but here's a few relevant bits and pieces for you...

The French edition of Three Days to Never [1] will be published on January 17th. This is the first foreign language translation of this most recent Tim Powers novel to appear and it has been issued as a smart trade paperback by Denoël [2], the same publisher who brought out the French edition of Declare [3]. As with that previous title, Denoël have once again commissioned cover art from Manchu [4]. I really like this artwork, and I recommend following the link to the artists' web site where both Powers covers are on display as well as many other wonderful works. The ISBN of À Deux Pas Du Néant is 978-2-20725947-4 and the cover price 25 Euros. Here's a link to the ordering page at Amazon.Fr [5]. My thanks to Gilles Dumay at Denoël for sending along a copy for the site archive.

In other news, further to this previous [6] entry, Subterranean Press [7] have announced that they will be using James Gurney [8]'s original cover art for their forthcoming trade and limited reissue of On Stranger Tides [9], due in the spring. Each of the Subterranean states will feature a different cover layout and Gurney will apparently be signing the limitation sheet. You can pre-order this book via this link to Amazon.com [10].

Subterranean have also announced that they are to reissue Ubik: the Screenplay by Philip K. Dick. This release is to include the introduction Powers wrote for the original Corroboree Press edition, released way back in 1985. This new edition will feature cover art by Dave McKean [11] and will have a new Afterword written by Tad Williams [12]. The release will be a cloth bound hard cover of 1500 copies and there will be a further 26 lettered, tray-cased copies signed by Powers and Williams. The book is scheduled to appear in August. You can pre-order this title via this direct link to Amazon.com [13].

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